“And with music, our spirit will come alive and soar to heights beyond reality, to cleanse and sustain us and give us peace in these hectic times.”  Ronna Binn-Hersh


In order to give each and every one equal opportunity to our premium and reserved seats, we have instituted a new seating policy. We are offering a complete season package in both the "Premium" (PS9) and Reserved" (RS9) sections prior to the first concert of the season. Upon receipt of payment we will do an immediate seat assignment of the requested seat(s). Please remember: this system is based on a "first come first serve" policy. In the unlikely event that more than one person requested the same seat on the same day, the seat will go to the first paid request. No exceptions! These packages, ( your personal reserved seats for the entire season) will be available for purchase up until the first concert of the season. Subsequently, you will be offered these same seats in the same package format for our next concert season during a pre season-sale period, to be determined next year. You may also order our "Halve Season Packages (Premium - PS4 / Reserved RS4). These packages also include pre-assigned seats for the concerts of your choice and are also based on the first come first serve policy, but have no seat assignment until after the first concert of the season. General admission seating may also be purchased at any time. Student tickets are available for purchase at the door only and need to be accompanied by a valid student ID. No exceptions! In doubt, please call us at: (818) 343-3095  


You may use the PayPal option at the bottom of each concert. When you click "Add to Cart", it now allows for the use of "Continue Shopping" to order tickets for multiple concerts as well as different seating preferences. When you have finalized your choices, you choose "View Cart" to make one final payment. We hope you will attend many concerts! Bring your friends. When an event sells out, we will, of course, take away the paypal capability to purchase tickets for that specific event only. Please call us. We will have a stand-by list available. The sooner you make your reservation, the better.


By clicking the printer icon on the top right-hand side (in the top blue bar) of the concert page and/or the artist bio page, you open another "printer friendly" version of the page you're looking at. Right-click on this page and select print, to print a copy of this page.


Type your present location in the "from address" box (mystreet, mytown, mystate, myzip) hit the "get route" button and you can print the directions using the button "Print Route". We'll see you at the concert! 


Sending friends and family the concert and/or artist links is easy. Click on the email icon on the top right-hand side (in the top blue bar) of the concert page and/or the artist bio page, and a pop-up screen will guide you through the process. Fill out the 4 fields and hit "send". You're done!


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Normally we strive for our favorite spot: Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Sometimes this is not possible. Please always ensure that you check the date/time of the performance. We make all efforts to inform each and everyone the best we can. Program dates/times/selctions as well as artists can always be subject to change.